Super Rocketeer

An indie project currently in development by Blob, these tracks were written for a private alpha demo. More to come!

Dig Moar!

Written for one of NAMKCOR's games, during a community game-design competition. See his other games at Temperance XIV's web site.

Catgirl Factory

Written for a Flash game, designed and conceived by NAMKCOR of Temperance XIV. Play now on Kongregate!

A-to-Z RPG

The first official project of mine, this compilation is an effort to translate every letter of the alphabet into a common RPG (role-playing game) theme. This is made both for use as background music for video games, and active listening for folks who enjoy the kinds of music typically found in RPGs. Enjoy!


A project spanning the month of December 2011, heavily inspired by electronic/ambient genres. More often than not it strays from the beaten path, but I've never been one to color inside the lines anyway. Definitely meant for those films/games with a more futuristic/space theme. Enjoy!

Personal Works

Miscellaneous tracks written by me purely out of pleasure. Experimental, offbeat tracks and/or sentimental ones that aren't part of a greater compilation will end up here.